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    Passing Thoughts


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    Passing Thoughts

    Post by Hexan on Fri Sep 25, 2015 3:05 pm

    Why are there never enough dances? Maybe I just want there to be a Ball or a formal event that I can actually attend. The timing is usually outside of my range, or the tickets are outrageously priced, or I can't find a date... okay the last one I can do without but I think it would be nice to attend something with a date - platonic of course. Just some no pressure company that I can spend the evening with.

    I'll be at one, I know it! I'm sure of it. And I'll snatch all the free food and drinks. Steal a few dances from people, it'll be glorious. Mwuaha

    Then I'll happily get back to my loner tendencies. Sip teaa

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