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    The Latest Goods


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    The Latest Goods

    Post by Hexan on Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:45 pm

    From: Tecton the Terraformer
    To : Everyone
    Subj: September is birthday time!

    September is promising to be a massive month, with Achaea celebrating its 18th birthday! We're not the kind of people to expect presents, so we're flipping things on their head and giving you guys some great gifts and surprises over the course of the month!

    Stay tuned for more updates to the celebrations as we get closer to our actual birthday (on the 17th), but for now, let me cover this month's promo:* A 20% credit bonus on all credits purchased on Achaea.com!

    This bonus stacks with Iron Elite membership for a total of 30% additional credits!*

    For every 100 credits you purchase this month, you'll receive a Mayan Crown! These crowns can be used to purchase special items from the Shop of Wonders in Delos. We wouldn't offer Mayan Crowns without introducing a string of new items to the shop too, so here are the new items:

    A glass poppy: 6 Mayan Crowns- BLOWing this finely crafted glass flower at an adventurer will send them into the embrace of Sleep.- Those with the insomnia defence will be immune to the effects.- This item requires and consumes balance to use.

    A shiny firecracker: 2 Mayan Crowns- A firecracker with a new and unique explosion pattern.- This item will reset to the owner in three minutes after use.

    A golden slingshot: 5 Mayan Crowns- Allows the owner to SLINGSHOT lit firecrackers into the air, allowing any in thearea to see the explosion.

    A mahogany stationery kit: 1 Mayan Crown- The latest (and some might say greatest) incarnation of our Shop of Wonders stationary kits! This version will produce up to five letters embossed with your name and title.- Letters produced by this kit are "a gilt-edged letter".

    A mahogany disc of transformation: 1 Mayan Crown- Will update an existing stationary kit to the mahogany version.- Place the disc inside your stationary kit to transform it.- This item is consumed upon first use.

    A sheaf of ornate letters: 4 Mayan Crowns- Updates any existing stationary kit to produce letters that can be folded into origami shapes.- Place the letters inside your stationary kit to apply this functionality.- Will apply to all new letters generated after the sheaf is used.- TURN <letter> <shape> will fold the letter into one of the following shapes:Pegasus, crane, butterfly, goldfish, dolphin, angel, demon, snake, falcon, mouse, lemming, chimera, fox, dragon, rose, flower, willow, dragonfly, frog, moon, star, sun, tree, duck, horse, heart, wolf, dirk, sword, shield, swan, ship, leaf, fan, fish, whale, shark, octopus, kraken, stag, or phoenix.- The recipient will need to TURN the letter to unfold and read it.

    A ruby perfume bottle: 2 Mayan Crowns

    A golden cologne bottle: 2 Mayan Crowns- These fragrance bottles will allow the owner to SPRAY a letter, imbuing it with thescent in the bottle.- Perfume is a fragrance of vanilla musk, jacaranda, and jasmine.- Cologne is a fragrance of citrus, bergamot, sandalwood, and exotic spices.

    Crafter's strap: 1 Mayan Crown- Expands the capacity of a crafter's folder or portfolio by 25 designs.- ATTACH <strap> TO <folder|portfolio> to use.- Item is consumed upon use.- For adventurers with multiple crafter's folders or portfolios, they may CONSOLIDATE FOLDERS <target folder or portfolio> to make a single item with the consolidated capacity.

    Cakes: 1 Mayan Crown- Celebratory cakes that can be set down and SLICE CAKE to carve off a piece. Each cake has 8 slices and is automatically refilled once per Achaean day (RL hour).- Options for cakes are:Wedding, chocolate, frosted lemon, sponge, and birthday.

    A leash of spun gold: 3 Mayan Crowns- Allows the owner to LEASH <minipet>- Gives the wielder enter/exit/LOOK description based on the minipet.- Lasts one hour, or until you pick up the minipet.

    A clay goblinoid effigy: 2 Mayan Crowns

    A voluptuous clay effigy: 2 Mayan Crowns

    A handsome clay effigy: 2 Mayan Crowns

    - Transforms your ship crew into entirely new creatures. Works on Swashbucklers, Shipmates, Cooks, Chefs, and Cabin boys. While the goblinoid is self-explanatory, the voluptuous effigy will transform your crew into sultry seafaring wenches, while the handsome effigy will outfit your crew as sun-kissed dreamboats (Fabio, eat your heart out).- Drop on the deck of your ship to activate. Will transform the crew in the midnight hour.- Item is consumed upon use.- Effect will last until replaced with a different effigy or the crew dies.

    The stock of the Shop of Wonders is ever-changing, and we'll be discontinuing some of the existing wares on September 10. If you're itching to pick up any of the legacy items (listed in HELP SHOP OF WONDERS), you'll want to get in quick.

    Penned by My hand on the 23rd of Valnuary, in the year 692 AF.

    Talk about an interesting addition to the shop of wonders! Those like me who are... well broke. Saving up for one of these will be a bit of a pain. I just hope I can manage something before they're discontinued. Wahh

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    Re: The Latest Goods

    Post by Hexan on Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:58 pm

    From: Tecton the Terraformer
    To : Everyone
    Subj: The Stall of Wonders!

    With our birthday celebrations in full swing, we're pleased to announce a new stall in the Adryn fairgrounds -the Stand of Wonders! This is Merentesh's temporary stand to offer some very limited wares for attendees. Here's what he has in stock:

    Fair drink glasses: 1 Mayan Crown -These special fair drinks are a resetting, permanent version of the birthday drinks on sale at the fair! Pick one or all of these drinks up to remember the celebrations! Why settle for the mundane when you can have an Eastern Morn, Crumbled Wall, Encroaching Dusk, Muurning Flurry, Tequila Caldera, or a Bitter Rule! These drinks will refill with 10 sips every day at the Serenade.

    City Warpaints: 2 Mayan Crowns -Show your city pride with these custom city warpaints! Each contains (and refills with) 10 applications of civic warpaint, allowing the following applications: -APPLY <vial> CITY: Paint the city name on your forehead (ASHTAN etc.) -APPLY <vial> INITIALS: Paint the city letter on your cheeks (M for Mhaldor etc.) -APPLY <vial> ARMS: Paint the city's coat of arms on your face (A rampant stag for Eleusis etc.)

    Permanent versions of the games: 3 Mayan Crowns -Own a personal version of some of the festivities and contests from the fair: -A luminous vellum sheet -Encode your missives upon this piece of vellum and only allow your most trusted friends to read! (TOUCH VELLUM for details on how to use it) -A covered cup of dice -Set your target to any day and month, today's date, or even your birthday and then shake this cup to try your luck! (READ CUP for details on how to use it)

    City Battle Figurines: 2 Mayan Crowns -Continue the civic pride with these city-themed battle figurines! As an additional perk, the winning city of the festivities will be able to nominate a champion to immortalise their likeness in their city's figurine.

    A petite ceramic urn: 10 Mayan Crowns -These urns contain the spirits of champion's steeds from across the lands. -This item will be transformed into a city-specific description when purchased by a member of a city. -RUB URN and it will summon one of twelve spectral mounts for 24 hours at a time. In addition to having a limited mount, each of the steeds can be ORDERed to GO HOME to carry their rider across the lands to their home. -Mount possibilities are as follows: Animal Home -------------------------------------A giant spectral owl Actar
    A phantom grizzly bear Bitterfork
    A hulking phantom spider Darkenwood
    A mighty ghost basilisk Aalen Forest
    A phantom ankheg Azdun Forest
    A ghost mule Moghedu
    A phantom sea turtle Shastaan
    A phantom jaguar New Hope
    A phantom donkey Delos
    A mammoth apparition The Frozen Tundra
    A spectral gorilla Dun Valley
    A phantom harp seal Sea Lion Cove

    Hurry in, these items will only be available for the duration of the fair!

    Penned by My hand on the 6th of Sarapin, in the year 694 AF.

    So... Mayan crowns are a bit of a craze right now. Prices are skyrocketing for them - which is why most of us without much are either weeping or busting our asses off to get some and buy the limited stuff.

    Nothing personally interests me in this sale. The vellum is tempting though, but I have too much to save up for as is. Innocence

    Why must the gods (wonderful staff) torment us? Depressed

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