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    Achaean Chronicles: Public News

    Post by Hexan on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:41 pm

    PUBLIC NEWS #19747
    Date: 09/23/2015 at 04:26
    From: Kasya
    To : Aurora, the Lightbringer
    Subj: An apology Lady Aurora,

    'Since I was eighteen, I have pledged my life in service to Creation, to Good, and to the Bloodsworn Gods. I was proud to call the Dawnspear my home. For years I flourished on the path of Growth, and I sought to serve the best I could.

    'As time passed, questions and doubts arose. Some were internal, some were questions I could not answer. Instead of seeking guidance, I let these doubts fester and multiply, cracking my faith to the very foundation.

    'Another question arose that was not easily answered. I wrongly demanded an explanation for a conversation I was not privy to and that I lacked context for. So arrogant was I that I foolishly believed I knew better than the Goddess of Light.

    'The erosion of my faith was clear. In my insolence and misplaced fury, I put the Herald of Redemption into a position where he was forced to expel me from the Dawnspear. I had forsaken my oaths, and the faith that had led me to so much growth. My life was forfeit. It is forfeit.

    'Since then, I was battered with conversion attempts. Those who had planted seeds of doubt now tried to capitalise on them, to recruit me. Fortunately, those I was once blessed enough to call citymates did not give up on me, nor would they let me give up on myself.

    'Your citizens helped me see that I had made a terrible mistake. Further conversion attempts of the West only served to deepen my resolve to redeem myself in Your Light. No longer am I blinded by self-deception and arrogance.

    'I opened my heart once again to Truth, and I looked back at my home and the life I had forsaken, realising what I had lost. The path of Goodis the only path worth choosing. The only ones who lied to me or attempted to manipulate me were those who sought to break me, so that I would fall further from Your Light and the path of Growth.

    'To have the audacity to question You and the Righteous Fire... to question the Bloodsworn Gods who have guided the forces of Good... saying that I was completely and utterly wrong is not enough. I am an utter fool, and I am undeserving of Your Light.

    'If You would have me, I would treasure the chance to do whatever is necessary to return to the path of Good. Guided by Your Light, I hope to once more walk the path of the Righteous, as a warrior of Good.
    Humbly seeking Your redemption, Kasya'

    Penned by my hand on the 5th of Scarlatan, in the year 694 AF.

    A crisis of faith. It isn't as uncommon as you might think. Especially in Targossas. I've never bothered to listen to their preachings, but they have the monopoly on Good. Whether or not it's what you personally consider Good isn't important. Which might be why a lot of the settlers there struggle with their path at times. Good is defined to them, there is no wiggle room, no space to trick yourself into thinking otherwise.

    But what do I know? Dizzy

    Good, and what is Good is a constant debate to those outside of Targossas. And probably from within its grounds as well.

    Who knows? Who cares? Let's get some crepes. Lala

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