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    The Game - Achaea


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    The Game - Achaea

    Post by Hexan on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:26 pm

    Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands - which is a text based MUD game. And it has slowly become a staple in my day-to-day life.

    For those of you as curious as I was when I first heard of a MUD, it stands for: Multi-User Dungeon.

    Alright, but what is one exactly? It's a game with text being a key mechanic of its environment. Think of an interactive book only with a MUD you can encounter other people. Yep, real people. You might be thinking that this perk doesn't sound very groundbreaking - trust me it is. MUD's are composed of small communities and the people you meet, envy, ignore, and love to hang out with create the backbone of this text world. They help to immerse you in what's around you, what has been, and what could be. It's not just the playerbase roaming around, most games have a set of staff or even just a few individuals maintaining the world you're experiencing. A world that is often fantasy based or built from scratch into whatever genre the creators wanted. The types vary depending on where you go!

    Now that we have that brief description out of the way I can talk about the MUD in particular I'm playing. Achaea. (Created in September, 1997!)

    I kind of just stumbled onto it while I was searching for a game to play on my phone. You know how mobile games usually are - ad and spam machines that rarely give as much enjoyment as they take. During this search I recalled something an old friend of mine had an interest in. Text based games. He showed me one once in passing, and although he has since passed on from this world something about his love for this type of game stuck with me. I soon found a MUD connecting app on the market spotting just a few listed with it. Achaea being one of them I researched it along with the others and it seemed like the right choice.

    It's been a year now and I'm still playing it.

    The classes first caught my attention. There's a lot of them, and they're pretty damn nice. I've been a Shaman - You point at things and they die... 'nuff said. I've been an Occultist - With the knowledge, and powers of the occult combined with their ties to Chaos you are one bad ass mo— you're something. Last but not least I'm currently a Jester - Tarot, inflatable balloon giraffes you can ride across the realm, antics galore, and puppets. Every day is pretty much a lot of fun.

    Aside from the classes are the five main cities. Ashtan, Cyrene, Eleusis, Mhaldor, and Targosass. Each houses a different aesthetic which often end up in conflict with one another. Yeah, Achaea has a big pvp base! There's no worry if fighting isn't your thing, something else to do is always around the bend. Quests, crafting, performing, you're bound to find a snug little niche for yourself.

    If city living isn't your thing, you can go rogue if you please. Life might be a little more difficult as one but don't let that get you down. I'm a rogue myself these days... a rogue jester. What have I gotten myself into? Shock

    If these paragraphs have peaked your interest check the game out. It's free to jump in and play.

    This will also be of some help - http://wiki.achaea.com/Newbie_Guide

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